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Streetwear Fashion Trends. The language of fashion is constantly changing, it transforms and reflects what are the changes in society. A certain nostalgia for the “good old days” determined what  fashion offers us today, styles that have marked the past decades but revisited with contemporary taste.

Streetwear refers to urban, casual and above all sporty clothing. As the term itself indicates, it is a way of dressing born in the street, where “street” means the world of youth, dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving. That world in which a multitude of fragments of urban subcultures merge: skateboards, snowboarding, surfing, experimental music, photography, graffiti, hip hop and punk. A strange cauldron that creates new styles and trends.

It is a mix of popular cultures that gives life to extremely original, fashion and trendy outfits that personalize every look.

The way of dressing of young people who surf, skateboard or listen to hip-hop music or break dance by many is referred to as streetwear.

In fact, streetwear was born in the 70s with the outfits of the skaters and surfers of the US East Coast who needed comfortable clothes and that could characterize them from others. So jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are the masters.

Streetwear Fashion Trends - Vintage Market

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Streetwear Fashion Trends

The Founder of Streetwear

One of the most important streetwear brands, Stussy, which was born in the early eighties from Shawn Stuffy, identified as the founder and initiator of Streetwear.
Stussy had the ability to combine art, surf culture and hip hop in Orange County, California, coming to hit and influence New York and Japan.

Stussy Vintage Streetwear Fashion Trends

Streetwear Fashion Trends

Streetwear in the World

In Japan in the 1980s, the fathers of the movement were Hiroshi Fujiwara, a musician, record producer and Japanese designer, and Nigo, a record producer and DJ.

In London the Streetwear is imported by Michael Kopelman with Supreme, the most known brand for street style since the nineties. The first Supreme store literally interpreted a strategy “around the customer”: the clothing was arranged on the sides of the store, while the center was dominated by an empty space, where people could move around the shop with their skateboards. Free to move: a good way to underline the meaning of streetwear clothing.

Subsequently the Streetwear was contaminated by the hip hop, punk and sporty look to give life to an increasingly loved and appreciated trend, casual and practical but which is also proving suitable for elegant and formal situations.

Dress Informal with Style

Companies and offices are increasingly informal, a condition that also allows men to dress casually without sacrificing style.

Many examples of streetwear clothing are sporty models, some are born from technical garments, others are however designed to dress comfortably. The t-shirt is always present in these trends because, without a collar or buttons, it leaves the neck and shoulders freer. Never too tight in the examples of men’s summer t-shirts, it is a way to feel free in movements.

The streetwear style provides garments with generous volumes (perhaps a few larger sizes) for men, more adherent for women. Trousers are usually loose fitting (e.g. jeans and cargo-trousers) although women ones tend to emphasize the waist. All garments are characterized by complex prints and writings, by particular colors and combinations.

The t-shirt have been interpreted in streetwear clothing in a very creative way: they can be distinguished with a graphic, a logo or an original writing.
Sweatshirts and hoodies, hats with visors, soft pants are among the most common examples of street clothes but also garments that have become classics, such as jeans. All to combine with parkas, bomber jackets or denim jackets.

NIGO Streetwear Fashion Trends

NIGO, Human Made

Streetwear Fashion Trends

Tie Dye & Sneakers

Tie dye dominates the streetwear trend, a decorative technique very popular in America in the 1960s that creates nuanced effects on clothing that recall the psychedelic fantasy typical of the clothing of the children of flowers, the iridescent with fabrics in reflective material, fluorescent and camouflage.

Streetwear sneakers: the starting point for every urban outfit are appreciated above all for their versatility, multifunctionality but above all for comfort.
The low sneakers show the ankles and slim the figure, while the high sneakers offer a detail capable of enhancing any clothing.
For both men and women, street shoes represent the completion of any casual or elegant outfit, capable of adding a touch of style and originality, with a touch of modernity.

The white sneakers adapt to simple jeans, denim jackets and suits or long skirts and sheath dresses for women.
Trekking sneakers that are particularly suitable for a casual and sporty style are also particularly popular. Among the new trends there are the socks sneakers, that is special “sock” sneakers that are easy to wear and comfortable to add a pinch of modernity to classic outfits.

The Origin and Evolution of Emo Panic at the Disco!
The Origin and Evolution of Emo Panic at the Disco!

Streetwear Accessories

Streetwear accessories represent the personal touch and also in this case the offer is particularly wide especially for the hats available in different variants.
The extremely fashionable and cool one-shoulder bags, bumbags and backpacks.
And so, spontaneously streetwear has entered our common lexicon and also our closets.

Streetwear is also a message to communicate freedom and respect. Respect for the environment, freedom of choice. More than a style, it is rather a movement, it is not only a phenomenon of morality but a social one and involves art (street art, graphics), photography, design, communication and marketing.

According to Virgil Abloh, American fashion designer: “Streetwear is an artistic movement. It’s a way of creating things.”

ID the Visionari Issue - Streetwear Fashion Trends

I.D. Magazine, The Visionary Issue

Streetwear Fashion Trends

The Meaning of Streetwear

Fashion is an artistic expression that has behind it an accurate study not only of trends, but also of materials, colors, fabrics. The street style has found the right combination of spontaneity and quality.

Bobby Hundreds, Co-Founder of the historical street brand The Hundreds, made the documentary, Built to Fail, in which Streetwear is told, for the first time by designers, founders of historical brands, musicians and rappers who have lived and contributed to the birth of this movement. Each of them has given its own definition and interpretation according to its experience.

Shawn Stussy, Bobby Hundreds, Edison Chen, Erik Brunetti, James Jebbia, and many others did not start creating with the aim of making money, they started creating because they had a message to convey, they had a need to be filled, they had a passion that it motivated them.

Those who bought their t-shirts did not choose them only because they were aesthetically beautiful, they match very well or because they were trendy, rather they bought them because wearing them meant representing a story, an ideology, a lifestyle in which they identified themselves and of which they felt part of it.

Streetwear is therefore a simple and spontaneous way of dressing linked to daily life, one’s way of being and one’s culture.

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