The Snake Tattoo Meaning

The Snake Tattoo Meaning is highly complex, the snake itself is a universal symbol.

The Dragon and the Snake are often identical in their symbolism and meaning. In the Asian culture there is no distinction between them.

The symbol of the Snake is multivalent: it can be both male and female or self-created. As a killer it can be death and destruction, as renewing its skin periodically it is life and resurrection. The Snake is usually represented as coiled it is then compared to the cycles of life and manifestation.

The serpent is both solar and lunar, it is both life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, preserver and destroyer and both spiritual and physical rebirth.

Snake Tattoo Meaning

Snake Tattoo Meaning

It is also a phallic symbol, the procreative force, and the presence of a serpent is a universally associated with pregnancy.

When the Snake accompanies women, usually female deities and the Great Mother, it is often depicted twining round them or held in their hands. The Snake takes also feminine characteristics of the secret, enigmatic and intuitional. It indicates the unpredictable in that it appears and disappear so suddenly. Coiled around a woman the serpent assumes a solar meaning and together they represent the male and female relationship.

By living underground , it is in touch with the underworld and has access to powers, omniscience and magic possessed by the dead. The Snake is a mediator between heaven and earth, earth and the underworld. It’s associated with the sky, earth and water.


Cosmologically the Snake is the primordial ocean from which all emerges and to which all returns. It can also support and maintain the world or encircle it as OUROBOROS, the symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

This animal could also be a disguise of malefic powers such witches or magicians depicting the evil and vicious aspect of nature.

Snake Tattoo Meaning

Ouroboros, Theodoros Pelecanos – 1478

Snake Tattoo Meaning

Snake and Rose Tattoo Meaning

Snake coiled around a Rose

Snake and Rose Tattoo Meaning

The Snake and Rose Meaning

The Rose is a symbol of purity and beauty, when the Snake coils around a rose it corrupts this perfection and eternity with its evil nature. A Snake wrapped around a rose is blinding passion, temptation that lead to corruption. The Serpent is an ambivalent symbol, it is not only evil, so a snake coiled  around a rose doesn’t have only a negative meaning but it means eternal life, embracing the passion for a craft. A snake coiled around the tree or any axial symbol, it is the awakening of dynamic forces, the genius of all growing things.

The Toad and the Snake is said that have a jewel in its head and posses treasures and magic rings. For this reason the snakes tattoos are often represented with a gem or any precious stone in their head.


The Snake and the Stag

When the Snake is in conflict with a Stag, the stag is the manifest light with the Serpent as darkness. Together they symbolises unity andtotality.This image is usually represented with the stag trampling it underfoot, symbolising the victory over evil and darkness.

The Snake and the Eagle 

When the Snake is fighting an Eagle, they assume the same meaning of the stag and the snake. It’s the eternal fight between the light and darkness, the good against evil. The eagle is often represented with the serpent between its talons, as the stag, it portrays victory.

The Snake, Dagger and Skull

If the Snake is represented with a Dagger or a Skull, it symbolises death. The human skull is a symbol of mortality and the skull placed next to the image of the snake symbolises the cycle of death and rebirth.

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