The Original Shape of the Mandala

The Mandala Tattoo Meaning is a symbolical diagram, either imagined or depicted, as typically a circle enclosing a square with a central symbol which can be a figure. In the mandala tattoos the central design it can be from a realistic flower to a geometrical animal like the wolf.

The mandala is a pattern of existence and a system on which meditational visualisation is based. It is also an imago mundi;miniature cosmos, the enclosure of sacred space and penetration to the sacred core, totality, cosmic intelligence and integration.

Qualitatively the mandala represents the spirit, it is existence. The alternating squares depict the dualistic but complementary principles of the universe, and the whole is the representation  of the cosmic drama and a pilgrimage of the soul; It is symbolic of the universal spirit and is the ritual, diagrammatic form of Purusha, the Being a Human in his primordial meaning.


Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Mandala Sangye Menla

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

It is also a centre of power, a circumscribed area safe from hostile influences. The centre is a Sun or Sky Door, an point of access to the Heavens.  The monks create the mandalas with coloured sand,which will then be dispersed after the completion of the design as a reminder of a single impermanence life.

The Hindu Temple has a shape of a mandala, symbolising the universe at Its different levels and having gates, or doors, to the four cardinal points. The grouping of images depicts the four points revolving round the centre- “the ego revolving round itself in Time and Space”.

These five points represent the five elements of the human personality, the five Buddhas, the five ‘families’, which correspond to the five faces of Siva.

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Black and White Mandala Design

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Every colour has Its own meaning and power

Red: The West, Knowledge of the One Being ,  The Lotus, Fire and Passion.

Yellow: The North, Knowledge of the fundamental identity of the things, the Jewel, Joy and Light.

Green: The South, knowledge as a power of action, the Sword, the power of nature and growth.

White: The Centre, the Wheel, creative power, knowledge, brilliance, Purity and Unity.

Blue: The East, Primordial consciousness, the Vajram, Imperturbable, the One, Protection and Tranquillity.

The demons (Vighna) in the mandala symbolize the threatening aspect of the psychic and passional forces that obstruct men’s progress towards the light. The mandala is based on the 8 x 8 squares, the order of the celestial world established on earth, or on 9 x 9 squares, leading to and enclosing the universe.

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

An Example of Triangle Mandala pointing Downward

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

Depending on the shape, the mandala gets different meanings, in the Mandala Tattoos you can distinguish different king of geometrical shapes and centres. The Classic Star-Mandala means balance and stability.

The most popular mandala tattoos after the star-shaped ones are the Triangle mandala, they can point upward and the downward. The Triangle Mandala with the point up means aspiration towards the universal, a way to the heavens. The triangle mandala with the point down means aspirations toward the material.There are also the circle mandala, meaning of integrity, wholeness, not being touched by corruption. and the last one but not less important, the Square Mandala, most popular between the monks but not as much in the tatoo world, meaning symbl of balance ans stability.

Dark Mandala

The other side of the mandala is the Dark Mandala, quite new but as much as beautiful as the classic mandala, it’s not very popular yet. This mandala is a modern creation, made in the West.

The meaning of this mandala is the Moon, Darkness, the Duality of the World. Those mandalas are made with letters or scratchy lines that form a pattern. Sometimes the meaning of it comes from specific letters used in the pattern, like the mandala we designed for our Dark Mandala T-Shirt.

The Dark Mandala is a design part of our Range, and is made with the distort and scratchy letters “TDP”, and a little ram skull.


Mandala Tattoo Meaning

TDP Dark Mandala T-Shirt

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

The Dark Mandala Range

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