The Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning


The Chrysanthemum is the symbolic flower of Japan but it is originally from China and it was the Chinese, in ancient times, who introduced it to the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

Its name derives from the Greek words chrysòs, which means gold, and anthemon, which means flower, so overall it means golden flower.

The Chrysanthemum, also known as “16-petal daisy” is a very popular flower in Japan, considered a symbol of royalty because linked to the Imperial Family.
This flower is given during celebrations and parties, such as weddings, births, baptisms and birthdays as a symbol of rebirth, joy, positivity, peace, vitality and love for the family and for their children.
In Japan, the Chrysanthemum is a flower so popular that it is even a female name.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning - Kiku

In Japanese is called “Kiku”

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

There are at least 200 species of Chrysanthemum which, depending on the colour, take on different meanings.
The red or pink chrysanthemum has the same meaning as the rose, love and passion, while the yellow chrysanthemum means unrequited love.
White chrysanthemum means truth and pain of a dejected heart.

It is one of the most used flowers for decorations due to its diversified forms and its resistance being a perennial plant. In art it is among the most represented flowers, reproduced in paintings and embroideries or quoted in literary works.

In some Western countries, especially those of the Christian religion, the meaning of Chrysanthemum is linked to the concept of death. In Anglo-Saxon countries, instead, it is given to congratulate a birth and it is the flower given for Mother’s Day.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

Chrysanthemum with Snake by Tim Tavaria

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

The Chrysanthemum in Tattoos

In Tattoos, not only Japanese ones, the Chrysanthemum has always been a much loved subject and represented in every style. It is often depicted with many narrow curved petals radiating from the centre to the top.
This flower is considered imperial, so its majesty and its elegance will enrich any design.
In particular, in Japanese tattoos the chrysanthemum symbolizes the generosity and greatness of man and determination. The chrysanthemum, the golden flower, is also a representation of the sun that takes on the generic meaning of long life because it is also a medicinal plant.

If the chrysanthemum tattoo is more stylised, it becomes a sign of fertility, sensuality and represents the emotionality of its owner.

 The meaning of the chrysanthemum changes or strengthens the meanings if combined with other elements.

Chrysanthemum combined with other Elements

Ordinary people perceive the image of the skull as a danger, fear or death: instead the skull represents the sign of a new life and combined with Chrysanthemum, it becomes a protective amulet that helps its owner to be invulnerable and full of energy.

If combined with the image of the Dragon or Lion, the chrysanthemum reinforces the meaning of courage.

Combined with Two Butterflies it symbolises the love between a parent and his child or lightness and simplicity of spirit; if combined with a ladybug, a sweet and peaceful insect universally recognized as a symbol of good luck, it indicates delicacy and femininity.

The Chrysanthemum wrapped by a Snake, a creature with supernatural powers, protects against difficulties and diseases. A tattoo that brings wellness to its owner.

The image of a chrysanthemum associated with a bird, symbol of freedom, denotes vitality; if the tattoo design combines the figure of the Owl with the chrysanthemum we will get the meaning of foresight, wisdom and mysticism.
The Owl identifies intelligence, prudence and knowledge and will be a good choice for the calm, adult and wise person.


Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

Chrysanthemum with Skull by Vokun Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

If we want to underline the transience of life, where it becomes necessary to appreciate every minute, the tattoo to choose will be that of a Chrysanthemum combined with the Hands of a Clock. Of course it will be up to the creativity and art of the tattoo artist to create a design that is not trivial or too obvious.

The union of images depicting Waves or moving water with chrysanthemums represent the two great elements of water and earth and have the meaning of force of change and birth to new life.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

Red Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

The Chrysanthemums Colors and their Meanings


You can decide to combine the figure of the Chrysanthemum with that of the Peony, another flower symbol of Japan: in this case being two positive flowers, the tattoo will represent youth, wealth and success.
Two Chrysanthemums, one larger, in full bloom, the other in bud form, represent family relationships, with the meaning that the person appreciates and loves the people closest to her.

If the chrysanthemum is made in Turquoise colour, with Green Leaves, it represents youth, vitality and ambition.

The use of bright colours such as Red and Yellow make the image solar, emphasize the figure and symbolise the goodness of the owner. If the details are inked in very strong black, the tattoo will help its owner to be invulnerable and full of energy.
Blue and Pink Chrysanthemums with green leaves and dark details bring courage and confidence; Red Chrysanthemums with stems and black leaves will serve to remind you that beauty does not last forever.

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