Jay Denton AKA Blood God

Today we interviewed one of our sponsored UK Tattoo Artist: Jay Denton.

We first met Jason in a Tattoo Studio in the UK over two years ago, hit it off straightaway and been friends ever since.

Jason has a unique take on tattooing, mixing surrealism with trash polka to create his dark style. He also specialises in Organic Bio and Bio Mechanical tattoos.

He is currently tattooing in the UK Midlands and he is always available for guest spots in England and abroad.

UK Tattoo Artist Interview: Jason Denton
Chrysanthemum Tattoo Meaning

Mix of Realism and Trash Polka Bear Tattoo

UK Tattoo Artist Interview: Jay Denton

How did you come to define your style?

Like all Tattoo Artists I began by doing whatever came through the doors for a long while. After time I got more and more interested in certain styles when I became more competent.

I took interest into things like Surrealism and Trash Polka and wanted to incorporate my interest in Gothic Art into it as well to try make designs work.

Which artists inspire you the most?

My main inspirations are H.R Giger and Da Vinci, in general art. But the Tattoo Artists that inspire me the most are people such as David Jorquera, Andrey Stepanov and Stepan Negur.

Which subjects would you like to tattoo more and why?

ALWAYS SKULLS – I also love taking normal subjects and make them more demonic. I like morphing stuff and I would LOVE to do stuff like that a lot more!

Which project would you like to implement(e.g. sleeve with a specific theme etc.)?

I want to do more delving into Organic Bio sleeves and weird formations to make a sleeve on someone.

Did you follow an artistic path at school or did you learn everything by yourself?

At first my uncle taught me basics when I was around 10 years old and I progressed on my own accord learning through figuring it out myself, and doing art through school and college.

What is the most embarrassing or funny story about a tattoo you did?

Tattooing this guy that just got out of jail, he wanted his girlfriends name f****n HUGE, up the side of his neck, he was a proper b***h too, and they broke up 2 weeks later hahahha.

Other that that nothing really because I usually just crack on and focus on doing the tattoo instead of anything else!

What are your favourite things about the tattoo community?

One of my favourite things about the tattooing community is conventions, and meeting other artists, making new friends, sharing tips etc, obviously not everyone is friendly but i always try to be.

Do you plan on travelling overseas (or have you already), to tattoo?

Yes, I would love to tattoo worldwide, guestspotting wherever I can go would be an amazing experience and I could learn so much about how other people work!

What are the obstacles that the tattoo community faces?

In my head the biggest setbacks in tattooing is some artists attitude (not all). They think too much about money and kissing their own a** instead of the quality of their work they put on peoples skin.

There are a lot of humble artists which are fantastic artists too,  a lot of people spent too much time judging eachother on worrying about how many instagram followers the other person has.

Do good quality work, dont be an egomaniac, never stop learning and always push yourself.

Organic Bio Tattoo

Bio Organic Tattoo

UK Tattoo Artist Interview: Jay Denton

Jay Denton Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo

UK Tattoo Artist Interview: Jay Denton

What is the easiest way to contact you?

The easiest ways of contacting me are through my Facebook Page Blood God and my Instagram Profile.

I always prefer to be messaged on Instagram for any tattoo related inquiries.


To see more works by Jay Denton head over his social pages or our website in the tattoos section.

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