Pink is the New Trend

The high end fashion of the Milan Fashion Week brings out a trend to keep an eye on: Pink is Summer 2020 Fashion Trend.

Street style confirms this choice, for an all-energy fashion.
Finally cleared through the romantic and feminine cliché, the color pink is taken away from gender connotations and becomes ironic, cheeky and rock.

Not only on the catwalks, the streets will be filled with “pink lovers” who want to prove that pink colour is not for docile and defenceless people.

Pink shows us its many facets and challenge us to dare. Shocking, pastel, peach, fuchsia, salmon and neon. 



Pink Dr. Martens

Pink Dr. Mastens

Pink Summer 2020 Fashion Trend

The Introduction of Pink and Blue in Clothing

In the past, babies and children were mostly dressed in white. A small child gets dirty easily and white is the only colour that can be washed countless times without fear of fading.

Pink and blue, along with other pastel colours, were introduced in children’s clothing in the mid-nineteenth century, but did not imply any gender meaning.

Boys and girls could dress in both pink and blue and according to the sources of the time, one would say that it was the males who were dressed more often in pink and the females in blue; this is perhaps because pink was considered a variant of red, had its meanings of strength, energy and courage,  therefore more suited to males, while blue, referred to the veil of the virgin, therefore more delicate and feminine, perfect for girls .

One of the first references to the introduction of colour to sex is found in “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, where a pink ribbon is used to identify the female and a blue one the male. 

The custom was defined by the same Alcott as “French fashion”, as if to say that it was not yet a rule recognized everywhere, but rather, it was a kind of “exotic” habit.

Pink Summer 2020 Fashion Trend

The Imposition of Colours on Genders

Between the Thirties and the Forties things began to change: men began to dress in increasingly darker colours, associated with the business world, to distinguish themselves from the light colours perceived as more feminine and linked to the domestic sphere.

The clothing of boys and girls began to be differentiated due to the growing diffusion of Freud’s theories related to sexuality and gender distinction. We are still in an uncertain phase, however: for several decades, until the Second World War, the colours continued to be used interchangeably.

It is not clear how at some point, in the fifties, a precise assignment of colours took place.

The pink ended up being identified with women and became omnipresent not only in clothing but also in consumer goods, appliances and cars. The Barbie doll was introduced to the market in those years and consolidated the feminization of pink.

In the sixties and seventies, with the spread of the feminist movement and the questioning of traditional gender roles, pink associated with femininity was strongly criticized.

It was the 1980s that definitively imposed the idea of ​​colours that marked the genre of belonging of the child or girl. In those years the unisex clothes disappeared and a series of stereotypes linked to childhood and the world of toys were imposed: toy soldiers, Action men and constructions for males, dolls and cooking pots for females. At that point marketing strategies had the upper hand.

You don’t follow fashion?

We don’t. The important thing is to affirm one’s individuality. And those who always love the colour pink will have many possibilities to find t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, bags and hats of this colour.

Break the patterns and combine pink with green, lilac, blue, red and orange.
Colourblock is always a trend, so go ahead with contrasting colours: pink and orange always win.
Two colours that energize with an injection of self-esteem. Not any shade of orange, but tangerine; while pink will be the colour of the season, declined in all its nuances. From peach to antique pink, passing through the unforgettable bubblegum rose.

Even denim this season winks at this invasion and becomes pink addicted. Yes, because the colour of next summer also conquers the streetstyle.
A garment to have in the wardrobe: a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a nice pair of sneakers. All pink, of course.

Pink Summer 2020 Fashion Trend - Pink Denim Jacket

Pink Denim Jacket

Pink Summer 2020 Fashion Trend

Pink Hair

Pink is also for the Hair

Change your look by dyeing your hair pink, with a super bright strawberry shade, but leaving the roots darker.
Pink hair is undoubtedly among the most popular coloured shades of recent seasons, which allow you to give a touch of fashion to your hair.

In general, light pink and pastel shades give their best on light bases, ash blond or light brown; while the more decisive pinks, tending to shades of mauve and fuchsia up to the nuances of purple, are also suitable for brown hair or darker colours.

Even we got inspired by this colour, therefore we created some piece of Tattoo Clothing inspired by pink. Our Pink Gentleman Hoodie is actually one of our best sellers!

Our Pink Releases

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