We have recently added Round Patches to our Catalogue. If you are a crafty person and love to do things by yourself or learn how to sew you own patch on you jacket or bag, you need to know How to Sew on Patches.

Patches are perfect to personalize your Denim Jacket, Leather Jacket or Backpack. You can also sew them on Jeans or Canvas Bags.
The best way to sew the patch to the materials is to hand sew it. If you have a sewing machine you can use it to sew patches on Denim and Canvas.

The Devil's Playground Denim Jackets

How to Sew Patches on Denim Jacket and Jeans

Denim Jackets are coming back into fashion and you can personalise yours with Patches, making yours more unique and different to anybody elses. Let’s see how to sew the TDP Patches on your denim jacket.

You can sew the patch whereever you want on the Jacket, on the back, on the front, on the breast pocket or on the lower pocket area of the jacket.

If your are sewing the patch on the pocket, rember to put something rigid inside of it to help and make the process easier.

How to Sew Patches on Denim Jackets
How to Sew Patches on Denim Jackets

Start with Finidng the Right Placement

First choose the right Thread, the same colour as the patch or any colour that match it or match the colour of the print or design will do well.

To hold the patch in place on your Denim Jacket while sewing, use pins. 3 or 4 Pins depending on the size of the patch. You can also use Fabric Glue or any Washable Glue (like kids glue).

With the needle and thread begin to sew starting from the inside of the Jacket. You can sew over the edge of the patch by Spiral Sewing or by  following the Edge of the Patch know as a Running Stitch. If you need any help there are numerous video online.

You can also use a sewing machine if you have it at home or you are more practical.

Whether you choose to make a long stitch or an embroidery stitch will depend on your ability.
You can make a Clean or Witty Seam and use different coloured threads to create a more imperfect and Punk Seam.

Another way to attach the Patch to your Jacket is to use Fabric Glue. It’s simple and fast, It will have a different result but it will do the job.

How to Sew Patches on Leather

To Start Sewing you will need a sturdy Needle Suitable for Leather and a Nylon Thread.

If you want you can use a Coloured Thread that matches the colour of the patch print or simply a transparent nylon thread. Do not use cotton threads because the chemicals used to dye the lether deteriorate the cotton over time.

To hold the Patch to the leather start by putting Rolled Up Tape on the back of the patch, so that the patch adheres to the leather and keep it still while you sewing it on. The tape must be removed before finishing sewing the patch on the leather jacket.
You can use any type of tape, but not the double-sided tape, because it is too difficult to remove later.


Make sure you have the right Materials

To start, push the needle through the leather and the patch starting from the back of the jacket.

Try to take the needle just inside the edge of the patch embroided border. Then push the needle back through the Patch and the Leather and so on. You can also make a running point by bringing the needle back down through the patch, just inside the edge.

If you have used Tape to hold the patch attached to the jacket, remember to remove it before finishing the seam.
Finish sewing the patch and knot the thread on the inside of the leather jacket. Then tie and cut off the excess.

Remember that when you sew a patch on leather there will always be holes made by the needle, if you decide one day to remove the patch.

Another way is to Glue the Patch to your jacket with glue specially made for leather materials. It is simple and fast but the only problem is that after a few months you will have to re-glue it back.

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